In 1962, together with actor John Malcolm, he went to Edinburgh where he designed, built and was the first Artistic Director and Manager of the Traverse Theatre Club. During his time there he directed a number of Scottish and several British premieres. These included three works by the Spanish playwright Fernando Arrabal: Comedy, Satire, Irony and Deeper Meaning by Grabbe; The Balachites, the first play by Stanley Eveling, Beebee Fenstermaker by Snyder, and The Noh Plays of Yukio Mishima.

Of Jarry’s avante garde classic Ubu Roi The Scotsman wrote: “If the Traverse should shut down… it would have justified its existence by Terry Lane’s production…” In The Observer Bamber Gascoigne wrote, “The play gives splendid opportunities to a director… Terry Lane grabs them all… All the best touches turned out to be his…”

Born in 1937 in Woodford, he began his career in the West End offices of impresario Jack Hylton, stage managed at Bromley, Pitlochry, Perth and for Stephen Joseph’s Theatre in the Round company in Scarborough and on tour.

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When he left the Traverse he ran the 1964 season in Scarborough, subsequently directed the pilot Theatre Go Round scripted by Michael Kustow for the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, and in the 1965 and 1966 seasons in Pitlochry. In 1966 Stephen asked him to take control of the company in Stoke on Trent during what became an inter-regnum season and most notably he directed a Documentary Music Hall and the Big Soft Nelly of Henry Livings with Tony Robinson as Benny.

He was the first Director of Productions at the Midlands Arts Centre where his productions included Ionesco’s Jacques in masks, and Gammer Gurton’s Needle on a genuine hay-wain, (the Birmingham Post described it as “A sheer riot”). Elsewhere he has directed My Fair Lady, Oh What a Lovely War, and on the Edinburgh Fringe, National Health and also M. Ragou.

He married the actress Rosamund Dickson in 1964 (d.2005). They opened their own bookshop, Bookworms in Helensburgh and had three children. He moved to Italy in 1995 to write and paint and cook.

He has designed stage settings and costumes and now paints portraits. He has written magazine articles. THE FULL ROUND is his first full length book, a biography of the late Stephen Joseph. SIDE BY SIDE – his personal history of the creation of the Traverse Theatre – was published in 2007.

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